DSP VMEbus Board features quad processors.

MPC7448 Dual-core 1.33 GHz MPC8640/1D GFLOPS 19.2 @ dual 1.2 GHz 21.3 @ dual 1.33 GHz CPU Bandwidth to Memory 1 GB/s (MPX bus @133 MHz) 8.6 GB/s (DDR266) Memory Banks 1 2 Memory Bandwidth 2 GB/s (DDR133) 8.6 GB/s (DDR266) SDRAM Read Latency (TS to TA) ~ 105 ns ~ 55 ns I/O Fabric Integral VME ~ 40 MB/s StarFabric (PMC) ~ 400 MB/s 4x sRIO, 8x PCIe I/O Bandwidth Integral VME ~ 40 MB/s StarFabric Electronic Engineering Times Asia Online is Asia's resource for daily mpc7448 news, mpc7448 technical papers and mpc7448 application notes on design, mpc7448 test and mpc7448 production engineering. CHAMP-AV IV drives DSP applications with up to 48 GFLOPs of peak computational power. It features quad 1.5 GHz FreeScale MPC7448 PowerPC processors and QuadFlow architecture, which supports 4 simultaneous node-to-node transfers to deliver total data flow of 3.2 Gb/sec peak. Able to transfer data to adjacent nodes at speeds up to 1.6 Gb/sec peak, each processing node includes 256 Mb or 512 Mb - 64Kbytes L1 and 1Mbyte (MPC7448) L2 internal caches operating at core speed - Up to 40 GFLOPS peak computational power w Up to 512Mbytes DDR-250 SDRAM with ECC per processor w 256Mbytes FLASH with write protection w 128Kbytes NVRAM w QuadFlow architecture with 3.2GB/s peak on-board throughput w Gigabit Ethernet with on-board switch - Each processor has GbE connection to on-board GbE switch The MPC7448 includes the same powerful 128-bit AltiVec vector execution unit as found in previous MPC7xxx devices. AltiVec technology may dramatically enhance the performance of applications such as voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), speech recognition, multi-channel modems, virtual private network servers, high-resolution 3-D graphics, motion video (MPEG-2, MPEG-4), high fidelity audio (3-D Performance 38.4 GFLOPS per module (peak) Processors 4 MPC7448 processors per module Clock Frequency 1.2 GHz L1 Cache 32K instruction, 32K data L2 Cache 1 MB per processor (built-in) Floating Point Unit IEEE 754 single and scalar Fixed Point Units Dual 32-bit Integer Units Features: MPC7448 running at 667 or 1.4 GHz with: L1 caches : 32KB Inst. and 32KB Data with parity 1MB of L2 integrated cache with ECC 512MB , 1 or... PowerQUICC II MPC8270 ProcessorPMC: Features: PPC603e with FPU 32 bits RISC architecture with : - 400/450 MHz - 16KB Instruction Cache and 16KB Data Cache - 24KB on-board fast dual-port SRAM - MMU and... Conduction Cooled PQII Processor PMC

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